Arydalman company is an importer of all kinds of animal feed, poultry, and aquatic animals, as well as the machines and equipment needed in this
and related industries have been operating since the beginning Two decades of activity so far

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What characteristics distinguish Aryadalman from others?

Aryadalman Company is the exclusive representative of Germany's Biochem Company in Iran, and in connection with the production of dicalcium phosphate, we are the first brand that, in order to meet the goals and needs of the market of poultry farmers, concentrate makers, and respectable livestock farmers, we offered concentrate production to the market in a completely exclusive way. We have the ability to produce In three granule sizes: It provides services for poultry farmers - sugar for concentrate makers - powder for livestock farmers and finally for aquatic suppliers and pellet factories.

During the years of its activity, Aryadalman company has invited experts and specialists of the livestock and poultry industry from different regions of the country to seminars and held exhibitions in Tehran and different cities.

Experts and specialists of the livestock, poultry and aquatic industry have been invited to visit Viv exhibitions in different countries, including the latest event, they have been invited to the Hannover exhibition.

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Aryadalman company is the most equipped and leading factory


In the production of dicalcium phosphate